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Glamorgan Urology: Dr Gareth Tudor

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Dr Gareth Tudor

Consultant Radiologist


Gareth Tudor is a Consultant Radiologist who specialises in urological imaging and interventional urology.


Gareth qualified at the University of Wales College of Medicine in 1989, Cardiff and trained in radiology at Leicester University Hospitals. He has been a consultant and Director of Radiology at the Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend for 12 years.


Gareth Tudor offers the following services:

  • Ultrasound imaging of the renal tract and insertion of nephrostomy tubes for kidneys that are obstructed (e.g. by kidney stones).

  • Percutaneous nephro-lithotomy (PCNL) or keyhole kidney stone surgery for large kidney stones.

  • Percutaneous varicocoele embolisation; a minimally invasive method of treating a varicocoele affecting the testis.

  • Sectional imaging: CT Urogram and MRI.

  • Isotope bone scan imaging.

Percutaneous nephro-lithotomy (PCNL)


PCNL or keyhole kidney stone surgery is a minimally invasive technique for large kidney stones. This service is available from Glamorgan Urology at the Bridgend Clinic. Gareth Tudor and Andrew Thomas have performed over 150 of these operations together over the last 12 years with excellent results. We offer, both prone and anterior PCNL techniques.

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