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Glamorgan Urology: Improved Communication at Glamorgan Urology

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Improved Communication at Glamorgan Urology

The cornerstone of an excellent doctor - patient relationship is communication. With this in mind, Glamorgan Urology is proud to announce that it has signed a contract with Vipedia to bring video-messaging to its patients.

Mr Andy Thomas will initially be utilising this technology in his practice in the following way:

  1. Initial consultation: Prior to your initial consultation, Glamorgan Urology will send you a video-message to your mobile phone and / or computer using you email and or mobile phone number. The video message will confirm your appointment day, time, clinic and contact details. It will also remind you to bring:

    • a fresh sample of urine for testing
    • your GP letter
    • if you are insured - a pre-authorisation number
  2. Follow-up tests: Appointments for follow up tests will be confirmed by video-text / video-email.

  3. Trans-rectal ultrasound and prostate biopsies: Prior to this procedure, a video message will be sent to you. This will explain the procedure and possible complications.

  4. Audit: 1 month post-surgery, a video-text message will be sent out routinely. Glamorgan Urology are very interested to know if you have had any unexpected problems after your surgery. You will be given a telephone number to phone if you have had any complications.


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