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Glamorgan Urology: New Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Investigations

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New Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Investigations

Glamorgan Urology announce 2 new investigations that are now available to help aid the diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Urine PCA-3 Testing

This new test can help the clinician and patient decide if a prostate biopsy is advisable to exclude / confirm the presence of prostate cancer. It can also be used in conjunction with a normal PSA test, as extra re-assurance.

The test is 57% accurate. It is more specific than a PSA test and is unaffected by a urinary tract infection or the presence of benign prostate disease.

The test is performed in the urology clinic and takes about 15 minutes. It involves a 3 minute massage of the prostate, prior to the patient passing urine into a small container. The urine specimen is sent via a courier to Cambridge Labs in London and the result is usually available within seven days. If the PCA-3 is >35, this is a positive result.


  • This test is NOT available on the NHS.
  • The test is covered by many insurance companies.
  • If you are not insured, the total cost of the test is 495.

For more information regarding this test, please contact Janine on 07592 446220

Template Saturation Perineal Prostate Biopsies

Glamorgan Urology have established the first private template prostate biopsy service in Wales at Bridgend Clinic, Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend.

Standard TRUS biopsy (biopsy of the prostate gland via ultrasound guidance) can miss up to 1 in 3 cancers of the prostate. In the presence of a rising PSA blood test and a negative prostate biopsy, a template biopsy is often advisable to exclude or confirm the presence of prostate cancer.

The procedure involves a day case admission to the private clinic. Prior to the procedure, a suppository is given to clean the rectum and an oral antibiotic is taken 1 hour before. The procedure is performed under a general or spinal anaesthetic. Up to 40 biopsies may be taken at one sitting, using a template grid and ultrasound guidance. The total number of biopsies taken depends on the size and 3D shape of the individual prostate. Biopsies are taken in rows at 5mm intervals. The patient is discharged home with a 5 day course of antibiotics and will be reviewed with the prostate tissue analysis 2 weeks later.

The patient should expect some mild to moderate perineal bruising and discomfort and 48 hours off work is recommended. Other complications are of low incidence - retention 1%, bleeding 1-2%, infection 1%.


  • The procedure is recognised by all major medical insurance companies.
  • The procedure code is M6582.
  • For un-insured patients, the total cost of the procedure is 1,980.

To enquire regarding this procedure, please contact Janine on 07592 446220

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