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Glamorgan Urology: Attending the Clinic

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Attending the Clinic

What to Bring With You

Patients are asked to bring to the clinic:

  • Their GP referral letter (if they have one).

  • A fresh sample of urine for testing.

  • Details of your insurance policy (if you have medical insurance).

  • Previous scans or test results that may relate to your present complaint.

During the Consultation

A Glamorgan Urology Consultant will take a detailed history, before performing a clinical examination.

Your consultant may then recommend some investigations (blood or urine tests, scans) to obtain an accurate diagnosis. You may be given an appointment for these tests at the time of the consultation or a secretary will contact you directly at a later date.

Further Appointments

Arrangements for investigations will be made prior to the end of the consultation.

Your GP

A letter will be sent to your General Practitioner at the end of each consultation or procedure.

Please let us know if you wish to have a copy of your GP letters or test results.

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